POTTYTUNITY® is the World’s 1st One-Stop Potty Training Shop, providing Parents, Carers & Professionals Worldwide, potty training related products and services all in one place!

Our products are Made by Parents, who keep in mind the health & wellbeing of children. All of our products are safe and made with eco-friendly materials, as we continue to strive in doing our part with Environmental Sustainability. Our services range from Parent Workshops & One-to-One Consultations, to Professional Courses & our ever so popular Potty Parties, which are all available to be participated in online, virtually or in-person.

As our work continues to fulfil the needs of Babies & Toddlers, Parents Worldwide constantly praise our products and services, as we continue to make Children’s potty training journeys fun and stress free for all involved!

To further help support Parents during the potty training process, we work continually alongside Early Years Providers (EYPs), Local Authorities, Voluntary Organisations, Health & Government Institutions. This enables us to further reach those desperately in need of our services. In addition to this, POTTYTUNITY® teaches Parents, Private and Public Sector organisations, the importance of early infant toilet training, as well as also assisting them with toddler toilet training. We do this through our Online, Virtual and Classroom Workshops & Courses and also via book and educational resources available to Children, Parents and Professionals.

POTTYTUNITY® focuses on a less diaper reliant way of toilet training through Elimination Communication (E.C) techniques, to help minimize theabsorption of chemicals in which children are exposed to through continuous diaper wearing. Our natural & safe non-coercive methods, also help in reducing the environmental impact in which disposable diapers lead to. We do not use Elimination Communication as an all or nothing approach. Instead, our Consultants provide TAILORED HOME SOLUTIONS specifically for your child's potty training needs, whether you want to do so full or part time, the choice is yours!

No matter how busy of a Parent you are, our time-tested Step-by-Step training materials will guide you through the process of potty training your child, all without the pressures normally associated with potty training. We understand the pressures of our fast-paced world, where time is of an essence for busy parents worldwide. Therefore, we work with a pace that suits your needs and alongside your desired routine. We do not believe in rushing you or your child in competing in a race for whose kid is 'out of diapers the quickest', so do not worry, no pressure!

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We hope to make a difference in your infants’ lives, "helping one bum-bum at a time..." We believe in Baby Led Potty Training (BLPT), as it aids in reducing skin conditions such as; nappy rash and overall creating a happier baby and a happier you!

We also advocate in creating awareness about the Health & Environmental issues of prolonged diaper usage in children. We do this by educating parents, EYPs & health organisations through our various face-to-face interactive sessions & online/social media platforms, teaching them about the importance of having children less diaper reliant.


Our Consultation consist of people from all walks of life including; Doula’s, Midwives, Nannies, Health Professionals and more... Oh yes and of course... MOTHERS. Yes, that’s right!

We at POTTYTUNITY® believe that when it comes to children, mummy knows best! That is why we make sure that we have a good mix of mothers, who simply enjoy the rewards of advising other parents of their child's potty training needs.

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