Did you know that babies being potty trained was a common practice before the first mass-marketed diaper was introduced in western cultures? This made parents (without realising), unconscious of the fact that they were not preventing their infants from skin conditions such as: nappy rash and numerous other health conditions, caused by them sitting in their faeces.

Here are some of the key benefits of applying Elimination Communication to your infants daily routine:

  • Shows parents that there is an alternative to 100% diaper use from birth
  • Saves families’ money from excessive diaper purchasing

  • Helps parents to understand the difference in their babies cries, allowing them to understand better if there may be something wrong with their infant
  • Not wait until your child is two, or when they show signs of ‘readiness’
  • Reduces the waste in our landfills, which in the UK alone, 8 million diapers are being thrown away each day. This makes up to 3 BILLION diapers being thrown away every year… Did you know that disposable diapers are non-biodegradable, only decomposing after 500 years?
There are many more benefits when using E.C, which we are happy to teach you during your consultation.

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