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Winnie Benson

Join Winnie Benson, as she guides & assists parents in teaching them how to be more instinctual and connected with their child’s Elimination Communication needs, understanding their signalling and cues, whilst at the same time, creating a stronger bond between parent and child.

Whether you have a deaf, blind, autistic, disabled, or a healthy child, Winnie believes that all babies should and can be given their pottytunities to eliminate, as it is a natural process which nature intended us all to do.

Parents who use this method of toilet training their children, contribute not only in enhancing their child’s independence, but their developmental needs also. This in turn creating a more well-rounded, wholesome child.

POTTYTUNITY® is aimed at parents within developed
who are seeking a more natural outlook to
explore, permitting their child to become less diaper reliant.
The methods within this book can be used for both babies and
toddlers, to help reduce the billions of non-biodegradable
disposable diaper waste in landfills worldwide, which (by the
way) do not decompose for 500 years – affecting the world in
which we all call home!

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POTTYTUNITY  Paperback Book

POTTYTUNITY Paperback Book



Potty Training Book

Winnie Benson

  • UK: $ 99
  • UK: $ 99
  • UK: $ 99


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