Elimination Communication (E.C) is a non-coercive, relaxed method of potty training infants from birth, helping your child understand how to use the potty/toilet when they need to do a wee or a poop, whilst proving them the skills in how to do so and having them lead the way.

E.C is a safe practice commonly used in undeveloped communities outside of the Western World, from birth onwards. It allows you as the parent to be able to assist your baby, with taking control of their bodily excretions.

Our step-by-step E.C plans, show parents how:

  1. To listen and understand the signals that their infant communicates to them
  2. To assist their child in taking control of their bodily excretions
  3. To create stronger bonds between themselves and their baby during the toilet training process

POTTYTUNITY® does not use Elimination Communication as an all or nothing approach. Instead, we work along side your routine, no matter how busy of a parent you are. Our Consultants provide TAILORED SOLUTIONS for your child's potty training needs.

All without the stress and pressures normally associated with potty training.

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