Rivièra and Friends are little PottyTunists who enjoy their potty training adventures on the imaginative Island of POTTYTUNITY®! Come and join them on their exciting journeys…

Hi there, my name is Lady Rivièra. I am 3
months old. My Mummy and Daddy help
me when I need to use my
‘Pot-Pot’. My potties’ name is Rosa… She takes me on
exciting & wonderful journeys to the
exquisite Island of POTTYTUNITY®! Come
and join us, let’s have some fun!”
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“Hi, my name is Omari and I am 9 months
old and I like playing with things, like my
potty – his name is Arjie. He’s very magical
you know. He takes me to a fun place
called POTTYTUNITY® Island, where all the babies
go to learn different things. We always
learn something new there. Are you
coming along with us?”
“Hello, I’m Priscilla, I’m errrrr 18 months
old. I think that’s right? Please can you be
my best friend so we can go away to
POTTYTUNITY® Island together, to have lots
of fun with our potties. My potties’ name is
called Kaylee. What’s yours called?”
Together, we make TEAM POTTYTUNITY®
We are here to provide other PottyTunists
around the world, a pleasant experience
through thier potty training journey, whilst at
the same time advocating for a more
sustainable environment
that we wish to be
left for us in the future! Our goal is to do as
much as we can in...
"Helping one bum-bum at a time!"

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